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Kathmandu Nepal

Beautiful Nepal is a Land in the Lap of the Himalayas hosting a diverse Array of Landscapes and cultures. A beautiful combination of spectacular natural riches with a diversified culture, engaging and warm hearted people, and a sense of history makes this country ‘A Jewel Of the Himalayas.

Home to the world’s 14 highest mountains, 10 UNESCO heritage sites, unique architectures, eccentric cuisines and many more, the country offers a pleasing holiday destination. It is definitely worth visiting Nepal for countless varying reasons. Whether you are into Wildlife, Cultures or a travel freak with a surge of Adventure, Nepal will provide you every bit to enjoy your Holiday. It is for real a worthy place to expense your bucks for a Holiday.

These are the Seven top places to visit in Nepal:

1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu Nepal
Image by Bijay Yadav


With a whopping seven world Heritage sites, it is no wonder why Kathmandu ranks as one of the most historical cities in the world. Swayambhu and Bouddhanath Stupas, Bhaktapur and Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Squares, and two Hindu temples Pashupati and Changu Narayan are mind-blowing architectural pieces that are included in UNESCO World Heritage sites. This valley is so rich in history and culture that we can experience a festival ‘Jatras’ almost every month. The better part is the history of this valley is inscribed in hundreds of stone inscriptions, statues, and art. It speaks for itself, how rich was it since ancient ages. In each round of a corner, there is at least a Stupa or a Temple and surprisingly each of them carries its own historical and cultural importance. The valley is home to a Plethora of exquisite monuments, sculptures, artistic temples, and magnificent artworks.

Hills around Kathmandu like Shivapuri, Nagarjuna, etc. Offers some magnificent trekking routes. After some exciting and exhausting treks, you will definitely enjoy some mouth-watering and unique Newari and Tibetan cuisine as well. It also offers some best shopping experiences for textiles and the vibrant tourist neighborhood of Thamel. The eaves of the Pagodas, the smell from the streets stalls, and the beautiful people all combine to make Kathmandu a creative and intoxicating city.


2. Bhaktapur

bhaktapur, Nepal
Image by Bimal Ranabhat


Bhaktapur is an architectural wonder with breathtaking buildings boasting complex patterns and unique red brick exteriors and woodcraft. It has Bhaktapur Durbar Square and many more temples and hundreds of sculptures advocating the golden era since the 17th century.

An old well-preserved city of Bhaktapur is also known as a city of devotees. About 8 miles from the capital city Kathmandu, Bhaktapur originally inhabited by the Newari people is home to ancient temples, architecture, foods, and festivals. The centuries-old art of Pottery, people taking out pottery items from the oven in Pottery square, splendid wood carving technique, and people roaming around in cultural attire gives you the reflection of the ancient Bhaktapur kingdom. Moreover, food, cultures, games, and vibrant history will make you visit Bhaktapur more often. Literally, a single visit is not enough to experience Bhaktapur.

3. Patan

Patan, Nepal
Image by Ashlesh Kshatri


A small town in Lalitpur, Patan was once the Luxurious resident of Kings of Patan- the Yala kingdom of Nepal. Patan’s spectacular durbar square remains the finest collection of temples and palaces in Nepal.

Durbar Square, Golden Temple(Hiranya Varna Mahavira), Patan Museum, Krishna Mandir, and Historic Walking areas of Patan are some of the masterpieces to be come upon. All these attractions are there for centuries and it is so well preserved that it is the destination of locals as well as international tourists every day. Moreover, recent discoveries have opened some new doors towards History solving some mysteries and more Historic evidence to be unearthed. Patan is the art heaven of Nepal. The best time to visit Patan is evening. The crowd and clamor make it seems pretty messy but the aura of Krishna  Mandir and Patan’s surroundings is so pure that it calms us automatically. No doubt it’s a perfect place to hang around.


4. Pokhara

Pokhara, Nepal
Image by Prabin


A Valley with beautiful landscapes, serene Lakes, spectacular scenes of Himalayas , and luxurious and cultural tourism Neighbourhood, Pokhara is a must visit place.

Pokhara has many Lakes such as Phewa, Rupa, Begnas and many more. Spectacular scenarios around these Lakes and tranquility of the  Lake make us feel like roaming around dreams. Backdrop of the snowy Machhapuchre’s peak on the surface of Fewa makes it more astounding.

Pokhara is one of the best Paragliding destination due to mountain and lakes views and stable air current. Within spellbinding beauty, the Valley offers many adventurous sports like rafting, trekking, and many more. This city is also gateway to Annapurna region of Nepal. Around the city there are lot of homestays that serve pure Gurung culture and insight to village life of Nepal.

Chilling by lakes, Paragliding, Boating, Devid’s Fall, Bat cave, Bird watching, fishing, Bungee jumping, zip line and many more are always ready for your Bucket list in Pokhara.


5. Chitwan

chitwan, Nepal
Image by Sanil Shakya


Being 5th largest city of Nepal, Chitwan has tremendous offering to the tourists. It is very famous for its cultural variations, jungle activities, pilgrimage tours and many more.

Chitwan, meaning heart of the Jungle is home to Chitwan National Park. It is one of the Asia’s best national park to visit. The jungle accommodates many endangered species such as fresh water gigantic Dolphins, One-horned Rhinos, Bengal Tiger and Gharial. Huge and diverse population of animals like Deer, Monkeys, wild boar, Sloth bear, elephant, leopard, and hundreds of species of Birds will surely awaken the wildlife enthusiasts. Well organised Safari services will make the tour more Comfortable ensuring a wonderful Holiday. In addition, Tharu culture and food around the Homestay will add more pleasing experiences.

6. Janakpur

Janakpur, Capital of Dhanusa district of Nepal, was once the Capital of ancient Mithila Kingdom of Nepal and has been named after King Janak who was the ruler of the said Kingdom.

Janakpur, also known as Janakpurdham is believed to be the birthplace of gooddes Sita. it is basicaily a popular place of pilgrimage. Ramjanaki temple, an excellent piece of architecture and many more religious ponds are the major attractions of Janakpur. The city observes  colourful festivals throughout the year and is one of the best place to be in.


7. Manang

Manang, Nepal
Photo by Ashok Sharma


Manang is beautiful, untouched and unexplored region of northern Nepal. It’s a hidden treasure. Barred land and excellent Landscapes of Manang are worth visiting for. Tilicho Lake, Thorang La Pass, and Annapurna Circuit are the major attraction of Manang. It’s an excellent stop before acclimatizing Thorang La Pass(5415 meters).

It’s is the best place to trek and enjoy the pure cultural and ethnic villages of Himalayas. A warm experience in a chilling climate is Manang for sure.



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