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Never Believe What is Not True

“You are the son of beggars” one of my classmates from school teased me.
I felt ashamed hearing those words. They were harsh but resembled the reality.
Yes, they are old and they can not work regularly to be able to earn what they could have.
But they had one philosophy- ‘education is greater than money.’ That’s the reason they were sending me the school taking loan.
I was too little to understand the reality at the moment. So, when I got back home, I stood at the door and started shouting at my parents. I accused them for not being rich and blamed them for ruining my life.
I said that didn’t wish to live with beggars and I ran away from home.
Maybe I was wrong but unaware. I was young and dumb. I walked all day long nowhere following the roads. It was getting dark. My thoughts flashed back to the words of my friend. Eventually, I felt sad and a question stroke my mind, ‘What should I do now?’
It was that moment I started thinking for real. I felt bad for my parents. I felt guilty and stupid.
And, I decided to return back home. When I quietly slid open the door, I saw my parents tensed with tears.
I couldn’t hold my feet. So, I ran towards them and begged them for not crying any more.
At that moment, I promised myself to prove my friends that my parents were not beggars but real hero who despite their poverty are still trying to educate me.
I decided to earn for my study on my own.  Later that month, I joined a hotel nearby to work part time and started earning for myself and for my parents. Luckily, the owner of the hotel supported my struggle and he provided us dinner for free for months.
I learnt how to manage life. I was continuing my study and still managing to work and give time to myself. I completed my high school from my own village and I applied for  scholarship in college. After listening to my story and the struggle, the college administration granted me free scholarship.
I also applied for a new job and I got that job too. It was that moment I realized that my parents were not beggars but was the ill mentality of my friend who perceived my as a beggar’s child.
Today, I remember the day I angrily left the house and the trouble I gave to my parents. I wish I never did that to them. And I wish I never believed what my foolish friend told me about my parents.
Written by Janshair Ameer

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