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If You’re Stuck in Life, Start from Here: A Guide to Finding Your Way Forward

Feeling stuck in life is a common experience that many of us encounter at some point on our journey. Whether it’s a career rut, a personal setback, or a sense of aimlessness, getting unstuck can seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, the key to moving forward often lies in taking a single step, no matter […]

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How to Remove Color Stains from Clothes

How to Remove Color Stains from Clothes Accidents happen, especially when it comes to spills and stains on our favorite clothes. Whether it’s a splash of colored paint, a dribble of dye, or a stray mark from a vibrant festival like Holi, dealing with color stains can be daunting. However, with a few simple techniques […]

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Why Is Shiva Linga Worshiped | Hindu Stories

Why Is Shiva Linga Worshiped | Hindu Stories The worship of the Shiva Linga, a sacred symbol in Hinduism representing Lord Shiva, has deep spiritual and symbolic significance. The Shiva Linga is a unique and ancient representation of the formless aspect of Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. Here are several reasons […]

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What Is The BEST TIME Of Day To Write? Morning or Evening?

The best time of day to write can vary depending on individual preferences, energy levels, and daily schedules. Different people have different peak productivity periods. Here are some considerations for choosing the best time to write: Morning: Many people find that their minds are freshest and most creative in the morning. Writing early in the […]

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Here’s How Best-Selling Writers Craft Their Plots

  Becoming a best-selling writer is a dream that many aspiring authors harbor. While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success in the world of writing, studying the methods of accomplished authors can provide valuable insights. In this article, we’ll delve into the strategies and techniques employed by best-selling writers to craft engaging and compelling plots. […]

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‘Writers Must Prioritize the Process of Creativity Over the Pursuit of Perfection’-Seth Godin

“The Practice: Shipping Creative Work” by Seth Godin is a book that encourages readers to overcome creative blocks and fears, take action, and share their work with the world. Here’s a summary and the gist of the book: Summary: In “The Practice,” Seth Godin explores the concept of creative work and the challenges artists, writers, […]

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Creative Writing Course with Suraj Subedi

Opportunity alert! मैले गएको वर्षदेखि किङ्स कलेजमा क्रिएटिभ राइटिङ पढाइरहेको थिएँ । आफैँले बनाएको त्यो कोर्स विशेषतः व्यवस्थापन पढिरहेका साथीहरूको लागि डिजाइन गरिएको थियो । उ बेला धेरैले मलाई त्यो कोर्स लिने इच्छा सुनाउनुभएको थियो । मैले भनिरहेको थिएँ ‘म आफैँ पनि दिने योजनामा छु । सुरु गरेपछि खबर गर्छु ।’ यो पोस्टमा त्यही खबर […]

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Why is Plot so Important? How Did Subin Bhattarai Write the Plof of Ijoriya

The plot is a fundamental element of a novel and plays a crucial role in engaging readers and driving the narrative forward. Its importance cannot be overstated as it serves several key functions: Capturing Readers’ Interest: A well-crafted plot can immediately capture readers’ attention and draw them into the story. Engaging plotlines create a sense […]

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Here are 5 key takeaways from book Atomic Habits

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear is a highly acclaimed book that provides practical insights on how to build positive habits and break negative ones. Here are five key takeaways from the book: The Power of Tiny Changes: Clear emphasizes the concept of “atomic habits,” which refers to small, incremental changes that may seem insignificant at […]

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Top 5 Nepali Book | Famous Nepali Writers | Review

Top 5 Nepali Book | Famous Nepali Writers | Review Nepali literature boasts a rich tapestry of books and writers that have made significant contributions to the literary world. Among the top Nepali books, “Palpasa Café” by Narayan Wagle stands out as a powerful exploration of love, war, and the impact of political turmoil on […]

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Bhupi Sherchan – Mero Chowk

भूपी शेरचन – मेरो चोक साँघुरो गल्लीमा मेरो चोक छ यहाँ के छैन? सबथोक छ असङ्ख्य रोग छ, केवल हर्ष छैन, यहा त्यसमाथि रोक छ साँघुरो गल्लीमा मेरो चोक छ यहाँ के छैन? सबथोक छ यो मेरो चोकमा देवताले बनाएका मानिस र मानिसले बनाएका देवता, यी दुबैथरीको निवास छ तर यहाँ यी दुवैथरी उदास छन् […]

Poem For Crush | Partner | Lover | Girlfriend | Boyfriend

Poem For Crush | Partner | Lover | Girlfriend | Boyfriend

Poem for Lover My love, you are the light in my day The beat in my heart, and the laughter in my way You bring me joy and fill me with grace I’m grateful for your love, your smile, your embrace You are my sun, shining so bright Illuminating my life, and make everything right […]