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The inner part presents the shallowness of American culture. After 2nd world war, American people claimed that they were civilized people because they improved their habit, lifestyle, language, dress and more. However, as the poet claims their internal behaviors hasn’t changed. Spiritually, they are corrupt and vile. There’s no place for humanity for American people. They have mainly focused on material things and machines, forgetting the humanity.

When American won second world war, they had considered themselves to be the most important person of the world. They showed their superiority over other people outside the country. They started wearing formal dress and the women stopped scratching their bodies in public. They also improved their language. They used polite and formal language. Moreover, the girls were very sensitive in their manner. The boys were also polite and energetic. The girls are compared to tip of a fly rod i.e. used to catch the fish and it’s very sensitive and flexible. The boys are compared to V8 engine which is very powerful and updated. Here, it implies that human beings are compared to inanimate things like rod and engine. Human beings are evaluated with the help of machines Indirectly, the poet, wants to say that machines are regarded more important than human beings.

In the concluding stanza, poet gives unexpected description about American people. When the priest examines the inner parts of birds, they find the heart misplaced and seeds turned black emitting bad smell. This is the main thrust of the poem. The heart misplaced means American people don’t have love, kindness and generosity. There’s spiritual decay in them. They show superficial manner but in fact they are corrupt people. They pretend to be formal and superior. New generation has become more emotional, passionate, and sexually sensitive. The black seeds imply the infertility of American people. They also signify horrible future due to lack of creativity.

Normally, the surgeons examine the inner part of animals, birds, and human beings but in the poem, priest have examined inner part of body. It is because the poet wants to talk about the inner part of American people; empty and vacant.


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