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5 Popular Shows

5 Popular Shows

In my previous article, I talked about my personal favorite series in any category. But for this time I am writing about the shows that I watched during the lockdown or let’s say during the last past eight months. More or less these were the series that made me sane throughout the lockdown period.

The list is created based on it’s popularity and ratings. Let’s dive in the list:

1. Suits:

It is an American legal drama with 8.5 out of 10 IMDB ratings and is my very favorite of all.

The show is about lawyers who win legal cases that seem to be unwinnable. The major plot of this series is that one of the lead characters, Mike, who actually is a college dropout is hired by another lead character, Harvey, who is a lawyer, as his associate.

The whole series revolves around protecting the identity of Mike along with serving justice. The show is very intellectual and addictive, and it only takes the first half of the first episode to get cling to it. The little love story between Mike and Rachel is also one of the most awaited scenes in the series. What I liked about the series was the way they portrayed the lead female character, Jessica, who runs the law firm. Her strong leadership and decision making skills can be an inspiration to aspiring female lawyers.

Overall, it was a very good watch and I won’t be bothered if I get to watch the whole series one more time.


2. Lucifer:

It is an American Urban Fantasy Mystery series with 8.2 out of 10 IMDB ratings.

The show has an added supernatural element. The characters are imaginary as there are demon and angels residing on earth and help police solve mystery crimes. The series depicts demon as the most attractive man and his aura is irresistible for people around but his mojo does not work towards a police detective who later falls in love with the demon.

The story revolves around the detective and the demon solving crimes while safeguarding the demon’s identity. The show is a fun watch and is definitely recommended for viewers above 18 years.

Overall it is a great show to watch and will give you a good entertainment experience.


3. Kingdom:



It is a South Korean political period horror-thriller series with 8.4 out of 10 IMDB rating.

This is the most fascinating and well-scripted Korean series that I have ever watched.

This is not the ordinary typical Korean drama that involves rich people, love story, heartbreak and what not. Instead, it is a story about a strange plague that kills the king and spreads throughout the kingdom.

The prince now has to save his people fighting this plague that turns people into a zombie. As it is a Korean production you definitely can expect a little twisted plot but overall I bet you won’t regret watching it. There are no cliche scenes or cringy dialogues but depicts the most authentic scenario that can happen if such apocalypse is happening.

If you have not watched it then turn on your device and watch it right away.



It is a historical fiction drama with 8.4 out of 10 IMDB ratings. I have said it many times for many series but this one is an absolute masterpiece.

The story is of 1945 right after the second world war when two couple who served the war went to Scotland for their second honeymoon but somehow the women find herself taken back to 1743. So, the story revolves around how she survives the era where she has to be dominated by male despite she being a free modern woman.

She is a medical professional and everyone in that era points her as a witch but a warrior saves her and they get married. Later she returns back to 1945 but her heart stays back so after many years she returns and there are so many such fascinating stories and plots that a person must definitely know about. Her knowledge of history saves a lot of people from many incidents and she adjusts with the environment there. As you watch it you will find so many scenes that are enthralling. Out of every series mentioned here, watch this at first if you have not.


5. The Spy:

It is an Israeli Espionage mini-series with 7.9 out of 10 IMDB ratings.

The series is based on the true story of Isreal’s most prominent Mossad spy, Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the Syrian Government in the 1960s. The whole time I was watching the series, I was getting goosebumps and this is what I like about watching spy series.

It’s the thrill of getting nearly caught but surviving it anyhow is what fascinates me. The series is based on a true story caught my immediate attention and I must say it is one of the most well portrayed true story spy series I have watched.

If you are interested in the politics of Isreal and Syria, this series will give you a base for further research. If you already have a brief knowledge about the rivalry between these two states you will enjoy it even more.


I definitely recommend everyone to watch it if you have not. For my next article I am coming up with a series that everyone in this world has watched (as I suppose), but I could not get past Episode 1. To find out about it please read my next article. 🙂


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