Explore ‘Art In Paradise’: Nepal’s Biggest 3D Museum

Exploring ‘Art In Paradise’

You might have always fantasized about exploring the world, going on a long vacation, and taking snaps in front of the 7 wonders. Guess what? Now, your dream is a step closer because ‘Art in Paradise Nepal’ gives you the exact 3-dimensional chilling experience from around the world.

We can walk in the great jungles of the Amazon, caress the greatest beasts of all time and explore the underwater aquatic world. Are you in for the amusing tour at Nepal’s Biggest 3D and 4D interactive museum?

Well well well you might be thinking I am crazy for suggesting such bizarre ideas. But trust me, you can actually visit all of the above-mentioned places within one hour and it will be worth going.

Yes you read it right! 

‘Art in Paradise ‘ Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Nepal’s first and largest 3D Picture & 4D Interactive museum literally lets you go all the way from the desert to tropical climate and all the way to Antarctica. Feels surreal right? Well just like you, I too didn’t believe it when people first told me but after visiting this museum. But looking at the pictures I took at the museum, I can assure you that it is all true and amazing.

Apropos to its name, the museum legit gives you a feeling of being in heaven and enjoying its marvel. It has created quite a buzz in the city and in social media(TikTok) lately. So, I was really curious to go see it for myself.

Located at Kathmandu Mall’s 5th Floor, Sundhara, Kathmandu, this 3D museum has been able to sway the hearts of Nepalese and has been a place of major attraction for youths and children.

Starting at February 26, 2021, Art in Paradise Nepal is able to grow their visitors rapidly in very short period of time.

From the moment, I entered the museum all of the doubts about people telling a lie about the wonder of this museum left my mind and I was left astonished by the mesmerizing sight.

To give you a brief tour of this museum in short, this museum has nine 3D sections and one 4D section. Sounds cool right?

From experiencing the chilly temperature of Mt. Everest along with the snow show to enjoying the thrill of walking through the Amazon jungle, I took more than 100 pictures within an hour or so.

Though the area of the museum is extended to around apprx. 6,000 sq feet only, it still makes you experience the land of 148.94 million sq km or beyond.

The museum offers over 60 spots where you can take photographs in different illusions. The number of photographs that can be captured is more than 150.

This man-made heaven filled me up with happiness as it opened the platform for me to explore my inner child. It turned my fantasy into reality. 

To unveil the hidden stories of 3D art and to guide me at the museum, the marketing manager of Art in Paradise; Mr. Sonam Sherpa, himself came forward to assist me.

In his words, the museum offers 3D picture section which features 9 sections. Let me guide you through each one of them:

1. Cultural Heritages:

As we enter the museum, we are warmly welcomed by the 3D Gautam Buddha. This segment includes the different cultural heritage of Nepal. Some of them feature a 3D paintings of Nyatapole, Swayambhunath, and people in ethnic Nepali costumes. You can kneel down and do ‘Namaste’ poze sitting in front of huge 3D art Lord Gautam Buddha. The more the creative you can be, the more you can get out these 3D arts.

2. Iconic Towns:

Followed by Cultural Heritage’s section comes the Iconic Town segment. This section is full of iconic places from around the world. Your dream destination including the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa can be found here. You will also find Shanghai, Agra, the Twin tower of Malaysia, and more iconic places to take quick snaps. To take a good photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you can push the 3D wall painting with both your hands or act as if it’s falling onto you. A good camera angle will reflect your creativity in your final pictures.

3. Seven Wonders of the World:

Next Up, we have 7 wonders of the world. You might have read about them in your textbooks or saw them in movies/cinema. Here, you can experience what it’ll be like to stand in front of 7 wonders. This section is full of dreamlike pictures. It includes 3D art of The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu(Peru), Chichen Itza (Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico), The Roman Colosseum (Rome), Christ the Redeemer Statue (Rio de Janeiro), Taj Mahal (Agra, India) and Petra (Jordan). Now, you can brag about being at these places to your friends. My friends were astonished looking at my picture infront of Machu Picchu too.

4. Fantasy World:

The fantasy world is a fantastic world. You create the world out of your imagination. This particular 3D section is where your fantasy turns into reality. In this section, you can take a picture inside a 3D glass jar. This feels likes a cartoon character. Well, you get to fly with the superman, soar in the skies with the help of a parachute, sail a boat, board an aeroplane, get immersed in Furfurinagar with the famous cartoon character Motu-Patlu. If you are a cat lover, a big 3D cat is waiting for you to play with him. In this section, I found the idea of 3D parachute the most interesting.

5. Mountain Zone:

This segment gives us a great glimpse of the mountainous region. In this region, we can take pictures with the panther that’s trying to attack us from the mountains. Similarly, we can have the taste of dangerous cliffs and streams with very cranky bridges. It really gives you the authentic taste of the hilly region.

A good video clip can be captured while crossing the 3D bridge. Your scared expression will work well while capturing pictures in this section.

6. Amazon Zone:

Amazon Zone basically features the wildlife of Amazon. From viewing an enormous chimpanzee to one-horned rhinoceros and a huge cobra about to bite you, one can completely feel the thrill of the jungle. I will leave this section for you to explore on your own. Anyway, Amazon was pretty much bewildering. From being chased by a huge snake to being attacked by a panther, and almost falling off a bridge I enjoyed almost all the illusion and the adventures. And now I wanted to experience the thrill of the polar world. So I went for it.


7. Polar Region :

Polar region explores the section above the sea. You can pose beautifully with polar bears in a partially submerged iceberg and try to run away from the hippopotamus using a very dangerous bridge. Watch out where you step because you might fall into the 3D cliffs and pit holes.

8. Deep Sea:

This section helps you to explore the ecstatic fun of underwaters. You can enjoy the fun of surfing in the midst of a huge tide. You can see the whirlpool inside the sea, a huge shark trying to have you for lunch etc. Take your head inside the shark’s teeth and capture that image. This will look terrific but the memories you capture will be worth sharing later on.


9. Aquarium Walkway:

The aquarium walkway is a very beautiful part of the museum. In this section, one can see different types of aquatic plants, meet mermaid, say Hi to octopus, try finding treasures hidden by the pirates, look inside a sub-merge ship, play with beautiful fishes etc.


10. Way to Mount Everest Base Camp:

This section is a magical boon to the museum. It starts from the way to base camp and then followed by a 4-D section of Everest. It holds minus degree temperature for you to feel the chilliness of that site. The museum also offers snow-show with a musical effect. This section makes sure to provide you with the experience of the Himalayan region.  

The staff helps to take the video. So, you can actually enjoy it without worrying much about capturing the moment.


The 4D interactive section with Mount Everest & Basecamp with Minus Degree Temperature and Snowfall effect is amazing. This is also the home to 360-degree viewing section.

That was a brief tour of Art in Paradise Nepal. I had a good time there, hope you will also enjoy this museum’s experience.

Let’s also how the idea of Art in Paradise Nepal came:

The museum in the form of a miracle is run by five youths: Lakpa Tshering Sherpa, Topnath Sapkota, Pradeep Sharma, Kul Tamang and Bhim Parajuli. They got the idea of creating magic here in Kathmandu while they were on their world tour.
 They once visited a similar museum in Thailand and immediately thought of bringing the idea home and re-creating it. To feel the real taste of the museum, an individual needs to capture the photographs in the right dimension and the proper technique is required for it.
Not going to lie to you but I was miserably failing to grasp the technique of capturing the right photograph but throughout my visit, I was assisted by the team of Art in Paradise and my awkward self was able to get some quite good pictures. The team members are really friendly and ready to help you with any kind of confusion or question. 
Being born in a landlocked country, I was always fascinated by the beaches and the oceans and The 3D museum gave me an opportunity to bask in the beach with an illusion of scorching sun. I was able to take pictures with a shark trying to gobble me up and then I posed with a beautiful mermaid and I even went surfing. I also took some pictures with the beautiful and colourful aquatic animals which in the picture looks like you are actually inside an aquarium. Well felt like a mermaid at least once in my life. Winks*


“You will only be charged Rs.500 for an hour’s trip of the entire museum”, said Sherpa. He also added that the General Entry fee for kids below 10 years is Rs.350 i.e. 30% off on Main Fee. Similarly, if you come in a group of ten then the museum offers you a 10% discount and a group of twenty is offered a 20% of discount. So, I suggest you to go in a huge group. 
All in all, it’s a great place to visit. Amidst the pandemic, the travel lovers have been confined in their movement and this museum has served as fresh air for such people. You can enjoy the thrill of going to different places within an hour. It was really a day to remember for me and I highly suggest you to give the 3D museum a visit at least once. And if you loving taking photos or making Tiktok videos then the place is exactly for you. Go and unleash one hour of the heaven and satisfy your inner child.


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