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Uplift the Standard of Writers

Ever wondered how to Uplift the Standard of Writers?

Before dealing with that topic let me tell you that expressing something in words is one of the most difficult tasks to do. A writer largely pours their soul, all of their experiences and content in their mind for each and every piece of writing.

A writer who can smoothly keep on pouring out what they are feeling and let the words drip out their fingertips are really rare because having writer’s block is one of the most common things among stenographers.

Writing is one of the best ways to speak and to express yourself without getting interrupted. One of the most peculiar things about a writer is that they can change caffeine to a book.

But to be a good writer, one should learn to keep moving on no matter any kind of hurdles because a professional writer was once an amateur who did not give up. A writer fills their paper on the basis of breathing at their heart. They turn imagination into reality. They are devoted to explaining the complications of the human soul with the simplicity that can be universally understood.

And a writer’s value is really worthy as they act as the mirror of society. A great piece of writing can bring a revolutionary change in society and people’s beliefs. A write-up can lead a human being from ignorance towards knowledge. Writing teaches us to be grateful for this beautiful life because life is a privilege as well as a gift, not a right.

But are writers respected and viewed in the same way. Especially in the case of Nepal? Let’s find out.

Condition of writers in Nepal:

It has been observed that the condition of writers in Nepal is elevated than in the past times due to the increasing numbers of publication houses and literary firms.

But it has not excelled to the point that a writer can solely depend upon royalty for their livelihood. They need to have other side jobs and writing can be only followed as a hobby.

There still needs to be a lot of growth in the reading culture of Nepalese citizens to support a writer to have a proper life. Famous Nepali writers get some support and validation from Nepal Academy but it still is not enough to function day-to-day life with ease and pay the bills. The lackluster of youths to buy a hard copy and rather download a soft copy of pdf is also impacting the writing ecosystem.

The lack of translators for Nepali books into English has slowed down the process of making Nepali write-ups renowned to the world. Many people do not get a chance to publish their writing and it gets left in their phones or diaries due to the lack of knowledge about where to get their writing published.

So, awareness of it is also highly required.


Impact of writer’s publishing their write-ups on Facebook or any other social media:

Many writers are publishing their write-ups on Facebook or any other social media. Having a web presence is essential for all writers in the twenty-first century.

Whether you write fiction, poetry, scripts, nonfiction or all of the above, social media can help boost your audience. Having an already-established audience makes agents and publishers more likely to pick up your work because you’ve already got a guaranteed audience to sell your books to.

It is really hard to please publishers and agents and having a certain group of audience in the Social Medias can make you more liable to get selected. Social media also gives chance to your audience to get to know more about you in person.

They can know you personally which is a beneficiary because they can understand what impacts your writing and your inspiration behind a certain write-up. But as each and everything has its pros and cons. The same thing goes for publishing write-ups on social-media.

Writers publishing their write-ups on social media platforms has caused the loss of a filtered audience. It has caused a loss of interest among the people for the literary writings as it seems irrelevant.

It causes a lack of capability to target the group of people who are actually interested in the art of writing and reading. Posting too often about writing can also be annoying to your friends or followers on social media who are not interested in it causing the lack of fan-following.

It has also been changing the eco-system of the authentic system of reading and writing. People are moving from hardcopy which is a book to softcopy and if the people start to tremendously post on Facebook then the audience will not spend to read a write-up which cannot help to sustain a livelihood of a writer.

Also, another problem is that the excessive use of social media is impacting the way we write. Digital technologies have especially impacted written communication.

The sheer amount of slang in online English could be understood as a case of linguistic drift and it is changing our thought system as well as writing. For example, Twitter and Instagram require us to express our thoughts and opinions in a limited amount of characters, forcing us to contract and abbreviate words.

As a result, many of us no longer feel the need to remain professional when it comes to how we write online and due to this nature, it is slowly seeping into our daily life practices.

Also, we widely use emojis to express our words in one click and it is slowly making us lazy. It has resulted in a new language for online communication. We should be really careful to not use slang language informal way of writing.

How to uplift the standard of writers ?

  1. Do not stop writing just because you have writers’ block. If a writer does not give up even in a time where their mind becomes completely blank then that attitude can lead them to success.
  2. A writer needs to build a strong public relation so that they can have an audience to view their writing and also to establish proper relationships with the publishers and the agent.
  3. Writers should be bringing more content that can be world-widely known and read.
  4. Try to publish your writing on validated literary sites so that your writing does not go in vain and reaches a respectable audience who are actually interested to read it.
  5. Should get affiliated with different writing firms and unions to have proper recognition.
  6. Use simple and smart language to attract a diversified audience.
  7. Create a formal social media page so that if any literary firms need you then they can know where to contact you.
  8. A writer should eliminate fluff words and should use short paragraphs which is eye-friendly to the audience.

Overwriting is bad because it causes to loss of specific meaning to any kind of work.

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