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Sneha Jha is affiliated with blogging sites like Offline thinker as the art of writing intrigues her. She believes that words have power and public speaking is challenging which is the reason why she is also a public speaker. She loves spelling out her thoughts and interacting with others. She is one of the people who loves challenging herself with new opportunities and ventures and learning a lot through it. She has converted her passion into a profession due to which she loves every second of her work. She is an easy-going person and the simplest of things can make her happy.

Vat Savitri Puja : A Hindu Myth Celebrating Marital Bliss | Sneha Jha

On the auspicious occasion of Amavashya of Jestha, Nepalese Maithil married women celebrate Vat Savitri fasting. This festival is also celebrated in many parts of India. Amavashya is the no moon or new moon day. This festival marks a long fasting which is performed praying for the longer life of the husband. Married women of […]

‘Luxury tax’ : A Subtle Form of Exploitation of Women | Sneha Jha

In a society already full of myth and misconceptions about menstruation, period is a big taboo. From all the restrictions imposed on young girls since their onset of period to the bodily torture mother nature has given to women, period is already really tough. And as if it was not enough heavy amount of tax […]


Why is #MeToo Movement very important for Nepal ?

#Metoo movement in Nepalese society is a new term. But back from the days when it started, till date, its impact has been fragile. We have noticed the victims being scrutinized than being fully supported. People backlash the victim for speaking up later, while the victim should have been supported to have come out bravely. […]

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Exposed: Dark Side of Glamour Industry | Sneha Jha | Opinion

Numb, Broke, Anxious, Loss of faith in humanity, Horrified and fearful. This is what I felt watching the vulnerable story of a ferocious warrior against life; Ms. Regmi. This is a real-life story of a young girl whose dream became a nightmare. Eight years back, A young girl looked at herself in the mirror and […]

Sneha Jha

Stranger With Memories | Sneha Jha | English Poem

Even in the room with forty people I feel lonely like the echo chamber. Standing alone in solitude; Remembering about our blissful times together Where I basked in your love full gleaming eyes Now nothing feels the same even when you catch my eyes across the room It feels suffocating to know that everything has […]

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I Was Unmarried While Getting Citizenship | Sneha Jha | Blog

‘Finally, I turned 16. I can now get citizenship and live like a proud citizen of Nepal.’ This was my first thought on my 16th birthday. The next day itself, I went to apply for one. I got so excited that I forgot there are legal and systematic procedures to apply. When I reached the […]

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Hey Raindrops.. | Sneha Jha

My mind is in turmoil like the storm outside It is raining outside bringing peace to the people from the scorching sun But I am begging for the same mental peace The raindrops keep on trickling down endlessly Same as the tears from my almond eyes I am scarred with his touch Begging to get salvation […]

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A Letter to My Past | Sneha Jha

A letter to my past self | Sneha Jha Dear younger me, I know that you had a really rough journey. You had a very wild ride and believe me when I say that it actually gets far worse but please don’t be daunted about it. You were too inexperienced and immature for this conspiring […]

Sneha Jha

Scared Of The Bullies? Yes! | Sneha Jha

My lips quiver and I tremble in fear every time I hear the term ‘Bullying’. This term itself sends chills down my spine because it takes me back to my adolescent age where I had to continuously bear with the bullies for five consequent years. I was bullied in middle school and I still bear […]

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लकडाउन पछिलाई साँचेको बकेटलिस्ट | Sneha Jha | Offline Thinker

-Sneha Jha यो लकडाउनले मेरो लगायत सम्पूर्णको जीवनमा अमूल परिवर्तन ल्याएको छ। घरैमा थुनिएर बस्नुपरेको छ। भागदौडमै बित्ने जीवनमा अहिले हल्का भए पनि पूर्णविराम लागेको छ। बेफर्सदिलो म, धेरै फर्सद भएर सोचमा डुब्ने थालेकी छु । लाग्दै छ म कति कृतघ्न रहेछु भनेर । जीवनले मलाई खुशी हुने अनेकौँ मौका दिँदो रहेछ तर म भने […]

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Why Aren’t Madhesis Counted as Nepali? Give Me #1 Reason | Sneha Jha

I wanted to bring out this issue in words for so long but somehow, my vocabulary stuck as I tried to write. My tongue fumbled when I tried to speak. For me, being a girl from the Madhesi community, facing double standards each day is really challenging. I, representing my entire community,  am a victim […]

Online Classes

What Students Are Really Thinking During Online Classes | Sneha Jha

‘Online Classes’ ‘Good Morning Sir! Hello… Am I audible?’ ‘Is my camera working?… Can you see me now sir? Oh. Ok’ ‘Ugh! Not again. Sorry sir, I have a poor internet connection. I will rejoin in a minute.’ This is my daily routine. And those are the phrases I repeat every morning during my online […]