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Dear Girlfriend

Letter To My Dear Girlfriend

Dear Love,

I was wondering if you miss me as I miss you every day.

It’s been so long that we have seen each other. I know that they say distance doesn’t matter for true lovers.

But hey let’s be honest. It matters! And I wish you were here.

Do you remember what the date is today? It’s my 25th birthday. Then also I am celebrating alone. I wish you were by my side clapping and dancing with me. Hope you called me at 12 o’clock. Was waiting to see your cute text message right as I woke up. But you didn’t.

It’s okay. We, humans, tend to forget things as we get busy with life. Even I forget to have lunch sometimes.

Hey, I just recalled something. Did I see you a few weeks back?

I felt like I saw you last week of December on Avenue Street 212. Were you wearing a purple skirt and a classy hat with a grey little bag?

I was about to call you but you took a taxi and passed by. If I were sure that it was you yourself, I would have run to catch the taxi.

Dear Girlfriend,

you might be feeling like I am jumping from one topic to another in no minutes, right? It’s because I have so much to tell you but you don’t have time to listen to all of them. This doesn’t mean I am blaming you for not caring me back.

I just wanted to let you know that I care for you. I know it’s hard to live miles away, away from the sea, not knowing when we will get a chance to meet each other in person. But it’s ‘hope’ that makes me write to you every week.

I had so much to tell you. Had so many pains to share with you. I had so many plans for you.

But you never show up.

You never show up in my life. Because in reality you never existed till date. But I wrote to you every week no matter what. Hoping one day I will get a reply from you. Hoping you will hold my hands someday and we will walk together in the journey of our life creating a beautiful history together.

Your Secret Admirer,

xxxxxx xxxxxxx

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