#Sorrynotsorry Dear Society! | Written by Sneha Jha


Sorrynotsorry Dear Society!

Society is built in its egotistical belief that every young generation got to mold in the system of their pseudo perfection. They expect you to be a certain kind of way for you to be called good enough for society.

Our society has always been passionate about being judgmental and when the young generation wants to move away from that suffocating claws and manipulative thought system, they consider us to be egregious.

But for us, it’s now or never. If one of the generations does not break the double standards created by the society just to feed their crooked soul, then it will continue for generations in the same repeating circle which forces you to be a certain way and not yourself.

  1. So, #Sorrynotsorry society for not being your ideal girl who is always mute and accepts whatever decision is thrown her way. For being the person who voices out her opinions fearlessly and is not afraid to speak on the topics which are considered ‘Taboo’ by society. For being aware of what is right or wrong for me and making decisions accordingly. For not leaving everything the way it is considering it as a fate made in heaven but for fighting and struggling each day to make my own destiny.
  2. #Sorrynotsorry society for working out late at night and not entering the house before the sunsets because, if you are so concerned about safety then it should have been gender-neutral and on top of that you should work on eradicating the main issues that created an unsafe environment rather than playing your all-time favorite “The blame game”.
  3. Sorrynotsorry society for not accepting that all the bad touch or harassments that I have faced were my fault and protesting or revolting about it does not suit a lady. For not letting your hypocritical thought that the dress I was wearing led to the unprecedented ill-treatment get to me and for not behaving as your so-called “lady-like” and be a human with opinions for once.
  4. Sorrynotsorry society for not being your porcelain petite girl and loving my melanin honey skin the way it is as beauty comes in all shapes and shades and it’s time that you figure out that we got to celebrate beauty beyond color! I am unapologetic for your apathy thought that believes the color of our skin tone dictates our beauty and not following such a belief system.
  5. Sorrynotsorry society for fighting against gender inequality, racism, religious or cultural discrimination, LBGTQ+ rights because I consider humanity over everything and these bigotries are the barriers to protecting humanity. You class me as a feminist when I speak my thoughts out thinking you are swearing at me but oh who is going to tell you that that’s the best compliment you can ever give to me.
  6. #Sorrynotsorry society for not being perfect and making mistakes. For breaking down at times that I had problems standing up again. For being a mess and wanting to try my embrace my flaws and try again. For loving myself with my imperfections. For making a castle out of destruction this world has given me and for being my biggest cheerleader.
  7. #Sorrynotsorry society for not accepting your menstruation taboos but prioritizing my comfort and hygiene over everything. For doing all the things that you have characterized as “unholy” because my sacred soul can never be impure.

#Sorrynotsorry society for wanting to live the way we want. I am unapologetic about enjoying and living my life the way I want because I can never be happy if I am not true to at least myself. I defy to turn into the person I am just because of society.  I would rather be honest than impressive. I love positive change and our dear society is in high need of it. But the real change starts from you, so I would only let positive things impact me. As it is said “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf” so I want to be a positive soul that people crave for my vibe.

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