Recalling the Childhood | Aakriti Bhandari

Aakriti Bhandari

I remember the time when we played hide and seek all the day
Counting to ten and running to gather again, teasing the friends and moulding
the clay
I reminisce playing, shouting, quarrelling and bonding with my pals
Our laughter echoing in the lanes and rebounding off the walls
I still listen to our laughter, and recall us sing
See us on the roundabout, swinging on the swings
Those times of sly smiles, hush whispers with twinkling eyes
A golden time when the limit was sky, the faces of smiles when the paper plane
No mobiles, no laptops, as a gang of kids we used to meet
Obesity was rare in those days, with no burger shops in every street
I hold onto those days so tight before they slip out of my hand
Days of dirt and laughter spent digging in the sand
And then we grew up, left the kid inside us behind
Reminisce the childhood memories, when all of us were kind
So fondly, I look back at those playfields and walls, we aren’t playing there
Today! Down in the flood of remembrance, I feel so poor, I feel so poor…


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