Forget Me Forever | Poetry | Islam Abdain

forget me
subin bhattarai ijoriya
Throw the clothes of love which you wear for me every day and forget their sweat forever
Take the cup of poison and forget me forever
I am breathless inside but still breathing out
I have nothing to live
I have land but don’t have a shelter to sleep
My motherland is the paws of consumers
Everywhere our dead bodies are being hanged
My sisters are suffering and my mothers are bared
I love the sorrow of land more than you
How can I live without land on the earth
I never want to remain in the history of the world
I just want to be sacrificed
still, on your lips, there isn’t lipstick and rain  of freedom
Still, you are strange about cruelty
Still, in your hope, there isn’t freedom of thoughts
Then you must know your memory  can do nothing with me
don’t return don’t return
forget me forget me

Written by  Islam Abdain:

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