The Odor of Happiness | Makhliyokhon Umirzakova | Poem

Makhliyokhon Umirzakova

Light leaks from the embrace of mountains,

Sensitive trees wake up.

Empty baskets

Roll down the arbor.


In the early morning, my mother builds fire in tandoor,

And she bakes kindness in tandoor.

She fills the embrace of baskets,

Every morning appreciates it.


She sprays water over the drowsy courtyard,

And she wakens lazy soil.

As if it kisses on its forehead,

The dawn begins wakening the village. 


The golden braided Sun comes

On the fiery maned and swift-flying wing.

A sweet breath spreads out,

The odor of happiness comes from life.



About Writer:

Makhliyokhon Umirzakova  was born on November 22, 1990 in the city of Margilan in Fergana region. She is a student of the faculty of art history of the Institute of National Art and Design in the name of Kamoliddin Behzod. She was a participant in the Republic seminar “The school of talent”. She became the winner of the State Scholarship in the name of Navoi in the 2020 – 2021 academic years. Her first poetry book “Tuyg ‘ular alangasi” (The Flame of Feelings) was published by Writers Union in 2021 year.


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