An untold story of an area of Balochistan

An untold story of an area of Balochistan

Balochistan, considered as one of the provinces of Pakistan is one of the most populated countries in the world. Inside Balochistan, lies a beautiful and unseen area called Zamuran.
And I belong to Zamuran city. I would never be wrong to call my city a place near heaven. It is a place too near to the Iran border. With its wide area and gracious population, it is full of wonderful places. It consists of Dastok, Nalonj, Nagh and many more places that fall under this area.
But despite being in such a beautiful and a heart-touching area, it hurts me to say that from 1947 even till 2020, there isn’t any proper road and electricity infrastructures built. People living at Zamuran are in need of these basic infrastructures. But it is never constructed.
As a result of that, the people of Zamuran take more than 5 hours to come to Turbat for extra supplies. Turbat is the biggest city of Makuran division and the second largest city of Balochistan, is comparatively developed and well-facilitated. But seeing pregnant women brought to Turbat city from Zamuran for their treatment and checkup is painful. Yes, there are hospitals in Zamuran but there aren’t enough good doctors here in our city. That is one of the reasons, pregnant women lose their lives while giving birth to a child. Health facilities are poorly built.
Most people of Zamuran are found jobless. Even  95% of the children of here are uneducated due to improper school infrastructure.
We the people of Zamuran are too much thankful to the government for providing us schools but these schools are just equal to buildings and there are less professional teachers available here.
Talking about other facilities like electricity and roads which are one of the basic needs of every area, it really makes me shameful to say that more than 70 years are gone but still a good road and electricity is not available to make the people of this area comfortable or facilitated.
I am saying these words with the bottom of my heart that we don’t imagine how the future of every child from Zamuran is being destroyed and  the only reason for it is the ignorance of government of Balochistan.
I once had an interview with one of the citizens from Zamuran. I asked him how he would define the beauty of Zamuran and its basic needs?
He said, “It is one of the beautiful place that attracts every eyes towards its side but talking about our basic needs like electricity, roads, hospitals and schools, it needs to progress a lot. Only after having a proper developed infrastructures, can we hope to see a bright future on our children’s face”.
At last I want to say that the pains and the uncomfortable times of that of Zamuran citizen are real. It’s time we work together for the betterment of this place.
Written by Muzeer Salam Zamuran
The writer is a student of Delta academy

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