Part of me | Poem by Sabi Thapa [Offline Thinker]

subin bhattarai ijoriya

Part of me

I bleed a river of red,
Bright as a blood moon,
My lunar cycle, a healthy cycle;
But, why the shame?
Why the disdain?
Ain’t this a part of me?

A gift of nature, I am blessed
The beauty of womanhood, I celebrate,
Yet unaware, my identity at fault
Why the label of impurity?
Why the inferiority?
Ain’t this a part of me?

Laying on the cold floor as I suffer
Chains of pain overwhelming my thoughts,
I begin to question my existence,
I wonder why the closed doors?
Why the hushed talks?
Am I unfortunate or just held back?

My foolish mind envisions a light,
Every woman embracing their life
We hold our head high
We will fight, we will rise;
Menstruation is a part of me,
We will walk with pride.

Photo credit: fotografierende, Pexel

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