Virtual Internship- A Step Forward to Exposing Myself

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Virtual Internship

Few months back, when the country was still in lock-down, I spent my days experimenting with my comfort zone. Being a shy person, I seldom got out of my comfort zone. And, to publish my writings was one of them – I write mostly to vent my feelings and I felt publishing them was like exposing myself to the world.

So, it was those days that I came across an announcement of an internship in Offline Thinker. I was skeptical at first but, later decided to apply for it. I filled the form and the team invited me for the interview. Then, the anxiety began. I always get nervous during interviews so, I was nervous about the interview. Most of the interviews I have been to have always been formal and intimidating and that just adds up the tension in the room. However, this interview was different. I met Susan ji, the interviewer, and after a little introduction, we happened to have taken the same online course “Leadership and Organizing” – though different batches. That was the point where I was relieved – even though we didn’t know each other before, that common interest made me feel at ease.

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The interview went smoothly and I was selected. Yay!

My definition of Internship VS the reality

I have never had experience with virtual internship and I was curious about how it would go. I thought they would give a topic to write on and we would write and then publish. But, it was different.

The team had planned a schedule for us which was very helpful. For me, the first week of the internship was the most memorable. I had never written an article solely for publishing. And, I thought articles are those writings filled with abundant information and facts.

So, according to “my definition” of an article, I wrote one. Funny thing – I thought I had written the best article and I wanted to share that with my friend, hoping for a compliment in response. I feel so embarrassed thinking about it now – my friend read the article and said that it was bland and nothing was interesting that makes the reader want to read them.

This disappointed me.

I sent it to her to get a compliment and instead, got critique. Got sad back then, but, I learned a different perspective. Then, I wanted to change my article but had no idea how to.

I googled all the “How to write an attractive article” and whatnot – still no idea. Then, I messaged Susan ji for help and he did assist me with my article. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Thank you for the help! So, my first week on article writing was tough yet, notable.

Love For Poetry

Then the following weeks were mostly smooth- with all the draft writing, feedback of other writer members and assistance of the Offline Thinker team. While working with Offline Thinker, I also got to join many closed group sessions like Poetry recitation, Gazal recitation and Bookworms meet – all of them were my first sessions.

Among them, I got the most inspiration from poetry recitation. I was in awe of every poem recited during the attended session.

I have also started writing poems – all thanks to Offline Thinker.

To sum up the experience, with the team – everyone is very respectful of one anther’s opinions and open to constructive criticisms. And from the internship – I have been exposed to different types of writings and after 4 months, I can tell that my writing has improved. And, most of all – my new found love for poetry.

To be honest, if this internship opportunity were to come across me during normal times (before the pandemic), I would have passed on it, and boy, I would have missed a great chance.

This whole experience was a new one for me and one of my productive decisions I made during the lock-down.

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