Reasons Why We Couldn’t Complete Panchpokhari Trek | With Complete ITINERARY

panchpokhari trek susan chaudhary

For my New Year’s resolution, I had committed to embracing more travel experiences. To kick off this endeavor, I decided to embark on a relatively straightforward trek. While scanning options on Google and YouTube, the Trek to Panchpokhari emerged repeatedly. Intrigued, I opted to conduct a brief research and ultimately chose Panchpokhari as my destination.

The journey began in the first week of January, with the weather forecast projecting an average temperature of -7 degrees Celsius at the pinnacle of Panchpokhari. Undeterred by the challenging conditions and fueled by my resolution, I was determined to complete the trek at any cost.

With careful planning and preparation, including acquiring top-notch gear and cultivating unbeatable willpower, I felt well-equipped for the adventure. However, despite my best efforts, I regrettably fell short of reaching the final destination.

Reflecting on what came out, several factors contributed to my inability to complete the trek to Panchpokhari.


First, let’s talk about what I did before going on the trek.

1. Research about Panchpokhari: 

panchpokhari trek susan chaudhary

Before I even booked my bus ticket to Panchpokhari, I did my homework. I looked up information online and watched videos to figure out how to get there and how tough the trek might be. I searched for places to stay, bus stations, who to contact, and details about the weather and everything else.

I also talked to some friends who had already been to Panchpokhari to hear about their trek experiences. I set a budget for my trip and made sure to bring extra food and medicines.

I knew whom to contact once I reached there, how long the trek would take, and what to do if I needed help. I made sure I was well-prepared. Going on a trek without proper research and planning could have been a big problem, so I made sure I didn’t miss anything.


2. Bought the Best Gears:

Following my research, I found out I needed a new bag, trekking shoes, warm socks, thick jackets, and more. So, I went to the market and got the best ones within my budget. I even treated myself to a new pair of sunglasses. I made sure I didn’t miss anything, adding a thermal bottle, warm clothes, a hat, food, and all-new branded trekking gear. I was all set to go.

If you are planning to go to trekking make sure you take these things with you:

  1. Trekking Shoes
  2. Long Sleeve Shirts
  3. Comfortable Trousers
  4. Downjacket
  5. Fleece Jacket
  6. Water bottle
  7. Socks
  8. Headtorch
  9. Personal Medical Kit
  10. Toileteries
  11. Suncap/Hat (Optional)
  12. Thermal wears(according to the weather)
  13. Trekking Stick (Optional)
  14. Raincoat (Optional)
  15. Sunglass(Optional)


3. Had the Best Itinerary Prepared:

panchpokhari trek susan chaudhary

After gathering all the information, I was confident I had the best itinerary. I planned a 4-days/3-nights trip. To be ready for challenges, I had a backup plan for a 5-day/4-night itinerary. Here’s what my plans looked like:

4 Days Trek Plan:

  • Day 1: Kathmandu – Bhotang – Tuppi Danda
  • Day 2: Tuppi Danda – Nosempati – Panchpokhari Lake
  • Day 3: Panch Pokhari – Tuppi Danda – Chimki
  • Day 4: Chimki – Melamchi – Kathmandu


Backup Plan

    • Day 1: Drive to Chimti – Trek to Tuppi Danda
    • Day 2: Trek from Tuppi Danda to Nosempati
    • Day 3: Trek from Nosempati to Panch Pokhari Lake
    • Day 4: Trek down to Duerali
    • Day 5: Trek From Duerali to Chimti – Drive back to Kathmandu

      Whom To Contact:

      I got contact numbers from the ‘Nepal 8th wonder of the world’ YouTube Channel for the homestays:

      • For Chimti’s Hotel: Bhim Tamang – 9863548196
      • For Deurali, Tungna Homestay, Deurali: 9866285760 / 986355345 / 9848755335
      • For Tuppi Danda Homestay: Chiring Tamang – 9860563345
      • Noshyampati Hotel Phone Numbers: 9840660841 Kuber Tamang 9846661901 Saili Tamang
      • Panch Pokhari Hotel Phone Numbers: Arjun Sankhar Homestay Bhim Tamang – 9863548196, Sano Kanchha – 9848921436


    • How to Reach There: You can book a private jeep or take a local bus from Shiv Chowk, Narayantar, Kathmandu. For a private jeep, prices may vary. For a local bus, head to Shiv Chowk, Gokarneshwor. Buses leave at 6 am and 7 am. Super Buses don’t stop on the way and will take you to the last stop, Chimti, in 5 hours. It’s recommended to book your ticket a day before starting your trekking journey. Location and contact details of the bus park are provided for your convenience.
    • Bus Price: 650 (As of 2024)


panchpokhari trek susan chaudhary


If you are well prepared for the trek then all the information mentioned above will cover you up throughout the trek.

But if you are not a regular trekking person then here are things you need to prepare beforehand to so that you don’t have return from middle of the trek.


What went wrong:

1. Went During Off Season:

panchpokhari trek susan chaudhary

Panchpokhari sits at about 4100m above sea level, making it quite chilly in winter. Tourist numbers drop during December-January. The best times to trek are April, May, September, October, and November.

We were so excited for the trek that we forgot about the extreme cold weather. The average temperature at the highest point was around -10 degrees Celsius or even lower. Nights were freezing, and with limited blankets, sleeping was a nightmare. If we had chosen April-May, it would have been much easier.

Despite the risks, we embarked on the trek. But due to our poor decision, I caught a cold. We reached Tuppi Danda the same day but couldn’t continue the next day.


2. Heavy Backpack:

panchpokhari trek susan chaudhary


Choosing to trek in extreme winter meant carrying lots of warm clothes. Our backpacks were over 8kg, a tough task for non-regular trekkers. Climbing with these heavy bags made us run out of breath every 10 minutes.

Our bags were so heavy that we could barely stand straight. We had the option to carry fewer clothes, but self-doubt led us to bring an extra pair as backup. We could have hired a porter for Rs 1500 per day, but the heavy backpack wasn’t the only reason we had to cancel the next day’s trek; it was our poor health.


3. Poor Health and Hygiene:

Knowing we were going to a cold place, we brought a basic first aid kit. But with low immunity, I caught with a fever and cold. Medicines controlled it, but weakness set in. Also, skipping breakfast made me suffer.

If healthy, we would have reached Noshyampati the same day, but as my health worsened with altitude, we stayed at Tuppi Danda. Prioritizing health, we decided to walk down the next day.


4. No Short Hikes Beforehand:

panchpokhari trek susan chaudhary

Another mistake was not doing short hikes often. Panchpokhari Trek felt like a final exam without preparation. Regular short hikes in Kathmandu valley could have prepared my body. Without practice, even the easiest trek was impossible.


At the end, I request everyone to think twice before going, but despite my incomplete trek, I suggest visiting this heavenly place and sharing memorable experiences.


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