NOSTALGIC FEELING | Poem by Monalisa Parida

Monalisa Parida
subin bhattarai ijoriya

Poem by Monalisa Parida

I feel in love with you…..
The way rain falls to the earth…..
I love you…..
Not only for what you are…..
But for what I am…..
My love for you are like,
The furious sea…..
So dynamic and deep…..
Through strom, wind and heavy rain…..

It will resist every pain…..
Our hearts are so pure and love so sweet…..
I love you…..
For the part of me…..
That you bring out…..

muflar pradip rodan ad

Photo by Chermiti Mohamed

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Monalisa Parida from India is a post graduate in English literature and a prolific poet. She's very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been published in various e-journals and translated into different languages.


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