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MY FUTURE | Monalisa Parida

I am standing alone
Thirsty, hungry and banished
My voice is breaking
My eyes see nothing
I have become like dust
That will touch the sky
And will fall down on earth.
I will stand up
And roar: “I am invincible ”.

A soothing rhyme is spreading
Unfolding the sweet and bitter memories
When the sun and moon leave
And arms of darkness embrace me.

muflar pradip rodan ad

My past is dead
I live in the present
And I don’t care
Even if my future is a bin of garbage.

When your work is finished
You may come to me
I will unlock the door
To welcome you.
I vow.

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Monalisa Parida from India is a post graduate in English literature and a prolific poet. She's very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been published in various e-journals and translated into different languages.


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