PRAY IS NOT PREY | Story | Monalisa Parida

Story Monalisa Parida

PRAY IS NOT PREY | Story | Monalisa Parida


      Rupa was  a cheerful girl. She might have had many dreams. To paint, dance, study, become a doctor or simply to find a man of her dreams. Her only strength was that she had a faith in humanity.

      It was a night with heavy rainfall and lightning. Her heart was trembling with fear, her hands were shivering and she couldn’t think of anything. She looked at the street; some people were busy doing their own stuff. She thought whether these people will help her if she needs. But nobody helped her.

      One day a wealthy and influential man promised her employment. She saw him as a knight in shining Armour. Then she accompanied him for her fresh employment. On her way, for a good future, the person who was bestowed with the responsibility of protecting her honor, stole it. He was then joined by his friends and relatives who treated her as a sex toy.

       She decided to fight back. Once again she was back stabbed. Her culprits roamed freely while she would lie in a dark room like an unwanted piece of meat. They killed her father, she survived. She became alone and helpless. The road was long and difficult. Every day she faced with a new scar. One night God said I can’t see you suffer anymore my child. Come with me. She finally succumbed to her wounds and “I want to see them hanged”, were her final words. No! Her soul is not at peace. She still longs for justice.

       She is not made of just flesh and skin. She has a heart which is more precious than her outer looks. But value of her heart is not considered in this mean world, when outer looks dominates her inner beauty.

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Monalisa Parida from India is a post graduate in English literature and a prolific poet. She's very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been published in various e-journals and translated into different languages.


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