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Passion to travel

It was in 2015 when for the first time I left home for three months to volunteer in a rural community of Baglung. During that time, I got to travel a lot alongside some real-life learnings. Then the massive earthquake shook us all and without completing the three months, my whole team was evacuated back to Kathmandu.

During my short time there, I got to know about different cultures and lifestyles. We were invited to various festivals and events that happened in the village. We would be treated as special guests in any formal events that happened. Going to these festivities and gatherings gave us a chance to know and interact with people on a personal level.

I still remember the day we were waiting for the jeep and the whole village was there to bid us farewell. The family we stayed with cried like one of there own was leaving them, the students we worked with were thankful for our work, and the community we stayed appreciated our efforts and dedication.

The great diversity within that small community poked my curiosity to a level that I did not want to stop, did not want to stop exploring, did not want to stop learning.

But my type of learning became different. I traveled around not just to see and have fun but to create a bond, a bond with people I travel, a bond with people whom I have met during my trip, and a bond with the place.

There was a time when I refused to get a job just because I wanted to travel. I always had a trip planned for the next semester break or any holiday. I thought if I commit to my job, then I will have to compromise my travel plans. But that is not how life really works, right?

I have gone back to Baglung three times after. The first time I went back was after the earthquake. The warm welcome that I received when I went back was the point where I thought that I actually left some impact in the community. And every time I go there, it feels like I am going back to my own place, a place that ignited my passion for travel. I lived with a family, who treated me as of their own and this family will always remain in my heart.

So, through my travel, I want to create a bond like such. A bond that will pull me back to the place and people. And despite the busy work schedule, my passion for travel has not set back.

I never think twice to carry a bag and go out on an adventure, and this is what I am in need at the most right now.


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