A letter to my son | Laisha Adhikari | Poem

Laisha Adhikari

letter to my son

A letter to my dear son,
You must have grown tall and strong.
Its been years without you,
Hope mom gave you my part of love too.

Staring into the endless sky,
In a hope of getting back to you.
Imagining your smile that is unfailingly kind,
Probably feels like the beautiful lights in a dawn sky.

I am here, miles apart from you,
Working for your approaching days.
In a hope that we shall end up together soon,
Praying to earn enough by your next birthday,
Then I shall return to be right next to you.

Dear son, you might have felt alone,
Resenting me for leaving home.
You might have longed for me,
The way Einin wishes its mother’s return.

Neither the sun, nor the rain bothers me anymore,
As I am building an empire for you to rule on.
All my sweat and blood drained in this foreign nation,
Shall not be gone in vain,
For me to die happily in your arms.

Dear son, hope you will be profoundly happy,
When I plan my return.
To the world that I left even before you were born,
then shall we tell our story,
To my grandson,
About a lovely boy,
who awaited his father in abroad to return.



Photo by Kelli McClintock

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