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Before talking about menstrual hygiene, we have to understand what is a mensuration.

Well, menstruation, or commonly known as a period, is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs every month as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. It is nothing beyond that.

But as we know, in our country ‘Nepal’, the period is a big issue for many girls. Women who are in their periods are mistreated. They are not allowed to go to the temple when they are in periods. They say it that they followed the same beliefs so everyone has to follow history. Everyone claim that period is impure or unhealthy act but can anyone answer why? If we adopt menstrual hygiene, it is not a problem. The real problem is the misconception we have with the word ‘mensuration’ and ‘menstrual hygiene’.

Periods means bleeding. It is bleeding of impure blood out of your body. But talking about problems in remote areas, there is a bad tradition in particular communities. It is called “chhaupadi pratha”. We are all aware of the fact that in chhaupadi pratha, girls and women having periods are compelled to live in a cowshed or in a separate hut far away from their home for weeks. There is insufficient fresh air and light inside a hut. We know that during periods we are supposed to stay in a clean place, maintain good hygiene but women there in some terai regions are compelled to stay in dirty and damp places. That is unhygienic and a pathetic tradition.

I am a girl. I know it hurts. It is painful sometimes but it is not good to keep them away from home. This is a fact that girls spend an average of 10 years of their lives on their periods. But in the name of periods, the majority of girls in Nepal face numerous restrictions that is imposed by their families during their menstrual cycle. They are not allowed to touch any male family member. They sometimes are not allowed to eat nutritious food. And mostly, girls are shy even to buy sanitary pads from the near pharmacy. This is because we feel shameful for which we should never be. Why do you feel ashamed to buy those sanitary pads?

Let’s face this. We are not going to be part of the same unproven beliefs from now on. Let’s not be shameful of a natural change that occurs every month. Let’s maintain menstrual hygiene. Let’s spread awareness regarding mensuration all over Nepal. Big change begins with a small actions.

Speak, write, and share digitally or practically, in written or spoken or any form to aware. Let’s conduct awareness campaigns to aware women about mensuration and menstrual hygiene. Let’s aware each other whom we possibly can. Let’s be part of change.

-Bishowma Dhakal


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