Hollow Paints | Poem By Yuresh Khatiwada

Behold darling, at the edge of the never-ending horizon, where yellow sun gracefully rests.

Do you see it, the monstrous offspring of our transcribed fate?

Do you see the impedance in the coexistence of that ill-fated bastard in such a wonderful desolate?

Look above the vacant sky, kindly observing the purple cosmos, where eternal universe paints its grande escapade.

Can you see it, the ill-alignment of our sacramental stars?

Can you see the damned beauty of our unremarkable fate written in such haste?

Now, look at my ruggedly handsome face while I wipe shining pearls from your tormented eyes.

And before the red sun resets its endless loop abruptly transcending me into another plane of existence.

Before you forget like you’ve never remembered me.

Amidst the false promises of new future brought by the breeze of burbling river and howls of ghastly wilds mourning our ill-timed rupture,

Let’s get lost in ourselves on this glazing meadow beneath the blue moon and shining white stars.


Image by Monsterkoi

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