What Would It Feel Like ? | Poem by Barsha Kc

Ever wondered, why do periods hurt?
Agh those three days are like complete torture, isn’t it?
And those cramps Jesus
I go completely out of my mind
And sometimes I even start questioning myself and start blaming my gender
You know what, I would love to be born as a boy
But for those three days only
Because Periods is a nightmare
That unbearable pain takes my breath away
You boys might wonder why there is women’s seat on a bus and not men’s or why girls show drama on their period and other stuff like that ?? Not all boy considering some,
Have you ever thought of losing your blood for 4-5 or 6 days in a month?
And feel a constant cramp at the same time?
Can you guys feel like how embarrassing it is to leave a stain on your seat cover or your skirt?
Can you guys even bear that intense pain while you feel like dying and couldn’t help yourself?
How would you guys feel to suffer the pain constantly which doesn’t even have a medicine??
Being on periods is not our choice and we don’t decide to be on
so stop treating us like shit and respect us
It’s hard we suffer a lot throughout the periods

-Barsha Kc

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