THE DAWN BREAK | Monalisa Parida

Monalisa Parida

 It was mid-night. Anika was watching a late night movie. Suddenly she heard knocking at the main door. Some loud but authoritative knocks and then serene silence. She felt something compelling, almost hypnotic about that knocking – specially about the strange silence that followed it.

Life was pretty great if you ask. But it was normal. Anika just breathed and that’s all. She couldn’t accept that life is just this for the rest of her living days. She was confused and wanted things to change, but didn’t know how. And when he gets this lovely land to brood on, imagination seems to multiply. The land stretched for enough to get lost in the enormous mountains. The river gently flew, adding a heavenly look to the scenery. The silvery Moon sparkled and looked down upon me; bright enough to let her sink in this amazing landscape. The swift breeze gave her chills and as she shrugged and grabbed her blanket closer.

Anika met him years ago, through a mutual friend. But they are not exactly friends. Although they bumped into each other on several occasions, they were still strangers. He smiles, but the silence soon crept in and they ran out of topics. She hoped he would leave soon, but to her surprise he sat there and looked shamelessly into the welkin. After a few minutes, she grew restless……

“What are you thinking about?” Anika asked.

“Nothing! Just staring at the firmament, feels peaceful”.

He smiled and said, “just answered!”

Anika thought through, this is one of the most difficult questions she has been asking herself and she never really landed up on an answer, because every answer was followed by doubts and that put her in a very miserable situation. But this time it was different.

“This…….This makes me happy “, she answered.

He looked at Anika and surprised. Anika tried to clearing his doubts. Then he looked at Anika and smiled and his chest was thumping no more. Calmness spread across his face as he kissed her on her forehead and wished her good night.

“Goodnight beautiful”, he said.

Anika smiled but said nothing.  But her sleep was lost. And she might have relieved the moment around a thousand times till dawn broke in.


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Monalisa Parida from India is a post graduate in English literature and a prolific poet. She's very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been published in various e-journals and translated into different languages.


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