Story of a Sunflower | Poem by Prasna Bimali


Story of a Sunflower

She was like a sunflower
strong and bold,
he was her sunshine
whenever he touched her she bloomed

When he held her hand for the first time
she wanted nothing but to hold it forever,
he held her hand for a while
but held her heart forever

When he hugged her for the first time
her soul got healed, butterflies in her tummy
she looked into his eyes,
like he’s the only one she loves



She loved him, she trusted him
she loved in a way,
he had yet to understand
yet she loved him

She loved him like an ocean
unknown about the depth
she loved him so much,
she lost herself

He never understood her love
he wanted options in love
but her soul screamed his name
her love for him remained the same

She broke her own heart
holding onto him
her eyes reflected pain,
but she projected courage

She was a warrior
full of strength and power
her strength could not be broken,
she was finally the sun of her own life.









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