Life’s Learning Never Ends | Sriya Shrestha

Sriya Shrestha
Life’s Learning Never Ends | Sriya Shrestha

Can I ask you what learning is? Is it just being bounded to books? Reading only course book?

Of course not. Actually, reading is part of our daily life. It is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values behaviors through studying, real-life experiences or by being taught by mentor/elders.

We can learn from anywhere and from anyone at any time. For instant example, look at tress. Can’t we learn equality from trees? Similarly, air teaches us to not show our struggles but our strength. We can learn the value of continuity from a running river. Looking at clouds, we can learn to enjoy our life freely.

Likewise, ant teaches us to do hard work. We can learn to remain loyal and honest from dogs. From nature to animals to small kid, everyone and everything has something to teach.

Only if we are willing to learn, we shall find the source of knowledge and wisdom around us. We only need to see it, grab it and utilize the learnings.

Learning can be done in group or as an individual. In my preference, learning individually is much more effective and growth-centric. It’s also called self-study or self-learning.

The more we concentration on peaceful and productive learning, the more it helps to broaden our thinking capability.

It boosts our self-esteem. It helps individual to discover more about the related topics. If we start learning with our full capability, any kind of activity or skill can be improved.

One thing that’s a compulsion while learning from the heart is concentration and dedication.

Let me share my personal learning experience with you.

I have developed a habit of reading before sleep. When no one is around me and the room is quiet and peaceful, I read the most. In this scenario, I concentrate better, and I understand well what the book is explaining. I think critically and I think better.

It is also true that if you make the habit of learning in a group, you tend to learn fast. But my personal experience suggests, learning on your own and as an individual, makes one more creative, sharper, and focused.

What argument do you have on this statement? Do share me too.

But if you notice, Gautam Buddha was enlightened when he did self-study and when he was learning alone.

He left luxurious life, power, and family behind to learn. When he found a tree in Gaya where he wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone, he started learning on his own. He did meditation under a tree all alone and after years, now, he is recognized as the “Light of Asia”.

I am not trying to prove if learning as an individual is good or learning in a group is beneficial. My point is, learning is a life-long process.

It’s limitless activity. Doesn’t matter how you chose to learn, but learning is a must.

It’s completely up to you if you chose to learn as an individual or in a group, until and unless you are learning something every day.




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