Accelerating Political cognizance among Youngsters | Written by Pravat Adhikari

Accelerating Political cognizance

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, youths organized under ‘Enough is Enough’ revolted against the handlings by  Government and demanded mandatory Polymerized Chain Reaction (PCR) testing and transparent flashings of the budgetary divisions that were said to be released to local levels.

The participation skyrocketed when pressurizing campaigns ran simultaneously in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where people United to raise a strong voice. These blitzes were heavily backed by the social media influencers, inciting to get grounded. 

Protests this time were different than what we saw previously, in fact, they were more organized, calculable, and preventive. Youths were also seen playing national anthems, godspeed the cops, and thanking the government for its firm standings in favor of nationalism.

Recently, a Twitter trend reading #StopdemocidingPMOli lasted several days agitating against the rounds of Lockdown and Prohibitory orders sanctioned by the government. Youths one more time collaborated to show their dissatisfactions about abating economy, upsetting reparations to a vulnerable class of people, and failure to limit the growing Coronavirus cases around the country.

These are few prototypes that opinion about the growing concern of youngsters in politics and other issues of national importance. Undermining the activities of non-political alliances such as 100’s group in service to humanity and everlasting example of civil duty shall be a blunder. Their spontaneous business to feed the homeless and financially deprived people at the time of pandemic is beyond any hymns.  Meanwhile, Overwhelming endurance and celebrations in favour of  Constitutional amendments unveiled how committed  Nepalese are when it comes about Patriotism, Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity.

It is a well-known fact that Nepalese are always eager to see change. The past some years has taught a series of lessons to Nepal. Humanitarian crisis due to the Earthquake in 2015 followed by the inhuman blockade pushed back poverty and starvation in the country. The heavy need for repatriations during this pandemic

In a contemporary society which is profoundly alleged to be senescent, increasing involvement of juveniles in key sectors of the nation bring a new ray of hope. If this trend long to attract the younglings into the mainstream of politics, we may begin dreaming of the headway.  Nevertheless, agony and radicalism developed among teenagers due to widespread entropy within the country aren’t beneficial at all. They shall gently be illumined and inspired. Political leaders should rather play guardianship instead of using the youths as a violent wing to combat their antagonists.


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