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Poem WH Auden

Poem by W H Auden


W.H. Auden was one of the famous poets of 20th century. His poetry is clear and sharp. He uses personal symbols to give the broad meaning. ‘Musee Des Beaux Arts” deals with the human suffering, i.e. part of human being. It is written in conversational language. But he doesn’t talk to others rather he meditates and talks to himself about the picture painted by Brueghel.

The poet supports the ancient philosophers who understood the reality of human being. They said that suffering is attached with human being. We can’t separate it from the life. Individuals suffer while other people are busy. They just ignore whatever is happening to a person like Brueghel’s painting. In his painting, someone is ploughing the field while others are working in the house and farms and some people are on the ship. When they hear the splash on the sea, they turn their head but by this time, Icarus has drowned into the sea and there is no any apparent sign. Then they carry their work on regularly. This is the reality of the world.

When the old people suffer and wish for the miraculous birth, the children don’t want because they are enjoying with their life. They do not think, they will grow old and suffer like old people. They do not realize their journey has also the same destination. The life goes on in such a way. When someone suffers, another turns away his face. They can’t share anyone’s trouble.



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