Menstrual Mark | Poem by Sriya Shrestha

Sriya Shrestha

Early festive morning, a shaft of beautiful sun rays touched my eyes,

I feared how could I hide this reality with all my lies,
I saw the white bedsheet turned into red
At the moment, I was wishing the truth to fade,
Dad! I cried and ran down the stairs,
Hoping it to be an unfortunate nightmare,
Dad hugged me and try to calm me down
But being known of the fact, mom pulled me as if i was a dangerous clown,
Never had been treated like that for those 12 years
And now how could i stop my heart to scream out my fear?
The drops of my tears made my cheek all wet
Mom easily said “red is your bad fate”
I was kept in a dark room with curtains closed
In front of me the pain of being a girl was exposed
I was lying on the floor bearing extreme pain
Thinking Was I suppose the pain to gain??
I was totally scattered with those ill behaviors
Thus i was expecting a heavenly savior
The door opened and it was my dad with pads
Seeing him , I was extremely glad
He came near me and gave me bunch of chocolate bars
It was more than my valuable mini cars
He made me realized that i was a women then
The power to give birth to another life , i gained
Hearing him, I was really proud
Now, I can answer the superstitious crowd!
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