Let’s Fight with COVID-19 Together | Opinion by Kundan Sinha

Let’s Fight with COVID-

Before Corona, people lost themselves in their so called ‘race of life’. Life was busy dealing with executives, building life with a great quantity of money.

No one time for their family and friends. Everyone worked like machines day and night.

Throughout the process, they were busy struggling for a life. Purpose of life limited to work, earn and sleep theory.

At present, it seems we’ve got a perfect opportunity to drop and postpone all our stress. No competition, no conflict between co-workers/employees. Rest from our boring and tiring work life.

An old-fashioned traditional lifestyle with less responsibilities and free mind. This is the life we’d been craving for.

One thing is happening well in our lives for sure. That is the rush of life has slowed down. We are spending more time with our family, indulging in sweet conversations. We are cleaning our room, maintaining a healthy environment. Even our creativity is expanding as we are giving more time for our hobbies. These little things help us awaken the long lost soul within us. This is the luxury of life.

Everywhere there talks related to corona. “What is this virus, why is this happening, when will it will?” The answer is yet unsolved and unanswered. Meanwhile, we should look for positivity even in this worse situation. I am sure we will find it.

Till then, let’s cherish those “old golden days” putting a big smile on our face. Video call friends, family members, play board games. Read novels, draw, and paint and live for the moment. Step out of the room. Help parents in household chores. Do exercise, stay fit and safe.

Instead of thinking about the vaccine of COVID-19, let’s start our lives by getting to know each other more. Take advantage of our own uniqueness in the form of art. Update with authentic media for news and stay away from crowd and gatherings.

Let’s pray for others who have lost their families due to this pandemic virus and pray “THIS TOO SHALL PASS SOON”……!!! Together we can fight against this virus. Together we will win.

Stay home, aware more and Stay Safe.



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