Book Review of ‘The Broken Wings’ by Kahlil Gibran

The Broken Wings by Kahlil Gibran Book Review

Book Name: The Broken Wings
Author: Kahlil Gibran
Review By: M Ibrahim Hassani

Kahlil Gibran is one of those writers who do not need any introduction; for those who read. Almost everyone is familiar with his name due to his literary contributions. He is well known for his most famous, highly rated, regarded and sold book “The Prophet”. Besides, “The Prophet” he has written some other outstanding and remarkable books as well. “The broken wings” is one of those other worth reading books of him. This book was originally written in Arabic language back in 1912 and then translated into many languages including English.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I call this book of Kahlil Gibran a book of Love and Agony. In whole book, the beauty travels with despair, the love is on journey with agony. Happiness is accompanied by the sorrow. Meetings engulfed by the sense of separation. The souls are dressed with spirit of good and evil. The book is like the holiest of Wines with bitterest of tastes. It seems as if it is not a novel but a poetry; of joy and sadness, of glory and disgrace. It is like hymn for virtuous spirits degraded by sinful souls. Everything is explained with the deepness of ocean, highness of sky and vastness of universe. It would not be strange if you read it multiple times to absorb and fully understand the quotes and phrases stated in book. I myself have read it thrice before writing this review and I still believe that there are many things, surely, which I need to understand and learn from the book, so, I have to read it again.

Kahlil Gibran has described the story as if it is his own story though it is somehow imaginary not real. It is simple and straight love story of Kahlil and girl named Selma Keramay fascinated with unfulfilled desires, struggle and loss which could be easily explained in five to ten lines. But it is the wisdom, knowledge and greatness of Kahlil’s pen which stretched this simple and short story to ten chapters. The clarity and coherence between the chapters is applaud able. The title given to each chapters lets reader picturize the whole of chapter. I think, the reason which makes this book worth reading is not the story but the enchanting, heart-warming and heart-wrenching lines stated by the writer. Kahlil is no doubt a giant dictionary of metaphors and similes. He knows when and where to use which example to add attractiveness and crisp to the talk for his readers. Surely, this pure and enlightening love of Gibran is glorified and beautified by the nature; flowers, stars, moon, sun, mountains, day, night, life and death etc. It shows how closely the he has observed the nature and happenings in it. This book is like guiding path to those who have fallen in love and it lets you know what actually love is or meant to be. And yeah on various occasions Kahlil’s has tried to put philosophical touch in the story though not much difficult to understand.

In the story he has verily spoken for rights of women. He has his grief as well as outrage on oppression of women rights in patriarchal religious society owned solely and wholly by the men. He explains how injustice is being done to women by those doing corruption in religious aspects for their personal interests and worldly benefits. He explains how women are forbidden to dream and how their dreams are diminished, ruined and crushed. A quote from the book, “The man buys glory and reputation, but the woman pays the price.” About those who use religion as weapon and reason for personal gain and fame it is stated as, “A man’s eyes have become accustomed to the dim light of candles and cannot see the sun light. Spiritual disease is inherited from one generation to another until it has become a part of the people, who look upon it, not as a disease, but as a natural gift, showered by God upon Adam. If those people (who use religion for personal gain) found someone free from the germs of this disease, they would think of him with shame and disgrace. ”
Here are some quotes from the book though there are more than many to cherish and embrace:
“It is heavenly love that is free from jealousy, rich and never harmful to the spirit. It is deep affinity that bathes soul in a contentment; a deep hunger for affection, which when satisfied, fills the soul with bounty, a tenderness that creates hope without agitating the soul, changing earth to paradise and life to sweet and beautiful dream.”

“He who does not rebel against oppression is doing himself an injustice.”

“Oh, Lord, have mercy and mend our broken wings.”

“The most beautiful word on lips of mankind is the word “Mother” and the most beautiful call is the call of “My Mother”.

It is word full of hope, sweet and kind coming from the depths of the heart…continued”


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